The 5 Best Waterless Cookware to Buy in 2022

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To maintain a healthy cooking method, you may need waterless cookware and this buying guide is absolute. This is a nutritional method of cooking without adding water to the food.

So, with the start of the New Year, you must have taken a resolution to eat healthy to live a healthier life. Many people try to achieve this goal by switching to low-fat food while taking more minerals, vitamins, and fresh flavors. However, others simply prefer using waterless cookware.

As the name indicates, waterless cooking is all about preparing your dishes in a completely waterless environment. The idea is to allow natural juices and fats of food to assist in the cooking process instead of using extra water or grease.

If you are also curious to know what waterless cookware is, this article may help you learn all the essential information about this invention.

What is Waterless Cookware?

Waterless cookware is designed to allow users to cook food without putting in extra oils or water. These pans are great that have multiple layers including iron or aluminum core and the outer layer is made up of stainless steel.

While cooking food in the waterless cookware, they must be covered well. As the natural moisture from food rises, it creates a natural seal of vapors to ease the cooking process. The steam promotes healthy cooking without requiring additional liquid in the cookware.

Along with the stainless steel base, the iron core in the waterless cookware promotes heat retention. Furthermore, the copper or aluminum base promises even heat distribution.

All these factors ensure even cooking of food at low heat; even when you have added no extra water. The best part is that cookware is available with airtight lids to ensure efficient cooking. The new ones even have a steam valve to promote even cooking.

What are the Parts of Waterless Cookware?

Waterless cookware can have multiple layers and each layer has different functionality. The first part of the cookware is the surface made up of high-grade stainless steel material that helps to prevent metallic taste transfer to the food.

Many manufacturers prefer using surgical stainless steel material to create a surface layer for waterless cookware; it is the highest grade of steel in the market.

Note that the heating surface of the waterless cookware is designed using aluminum or copper layers; they are packed inside stainless steel layers.

In several products, the iron core is also added to promote enhanced heat retention.

How Do You Cook With Waterless Cookware?

The advanced steam release valve lid locks moisture inside cookware which further increases the formation of vapors and heat inside the pot. Therefore, food starts cooking without requiring any added water.

The biggest advantage of this technique is that the food doesn’t lose its flavors and nutrients. Also, the iron core ensures a steady temperature for faster cooking.

Much new age waterless cookware also has an additional part which is the steam control valve. It is added to regulate the steam amount inside cookware and can also detect if steam gets out of the valve.

The cookware can create a whistling sound so that users can adjust the temperature accordingly. As a result, this cookware also promotes energy saving.

Can South Indian Recipes be Cooked Using Waterless Cookware?

If you love sound Indian recipes, it would be nice to hear that many of these dishes can be prepared without using added water. Therefore, waterless cookware can be a perfect choice for every kitchen where south Indian recipes are prepared on regular basis.

People can prepare Utthapam, dosa, curd rice, sambhar, and many other recipes in waterless cookware.

How Hot Does Waterless Cookware Get?

The knobs and handles of new-age waterless cookware are made up of special heat-resistant material. Therefore, they do not get too hot and are easier to touch while cooking.

Moreover, experts also advise using the cookware at low temperatures because high ranges can destroy food nutrients.

Is Waterless Cookware Oven-Safe?

The waterless cookware is oven-safe up to around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use them to cook a variety of dishes in the oven.

Benefits of Using Waterless Cookware

There are several important reasons to use waterless cookware such as the ability to save time, energy, and money. Here we have listed a few incredible benefits of waterless cookware to help you make a confident purchase decision:

  • Safety

The waterless cookware has a specially designed surface that allows safe contact with food items. It doesn’t release heavy metals into food due to its impermeable nature.

Furthermore, the stainless steel layer makes sure that aluminum doesn’t form direct contact with food. This cookware is also corrosion-resistant so users need not worry about rust in their meals.

  • Enhanced nutrient retention

Waterless cookware promotes healthier cooking while leading to tastier meals in comparison to traditional cooking methods. Waterless cookware is known to retain up to 90% of nutrients in food with ease.

  • Lesser fat

The cookware is designed to ensure even distribution of heat that further prevents burning and sticking of cooked food. Furthermore, as they cook food with steam, there is no need to add extra fat into the recipe.

Therefore, you can enjoy healthier meals while avoiding heart disease and high cholesterol issues as well.

  • Better appearance and taste

Food made in waterless cookware looks more appealing. Moreover, you can enjoy enhanced flavor, aroma, color, and texture with the waterless cooking method. The meals naturally become more enjoyable with waterless cookware.

  • Save time and energy

Waterless cookware promises faster cooking. Many cookware sets can be used in the form of stacks of pots and placed over a single burner or stove. This option can further promote enhanced time and energy saving.

Other than this, waterless cookware requires low heat cooking that further reduces energy bills by a considerable level.

  • Easy to clean

Waterless cookware is easy to clean, durable, and can be washed conveniently in dishwashers. The stainless steel type waterless cookware mostly comes with a lifetime guarantee and they are inexpensive to maintain in the long run.

Considering all these important factors, it is good to invest in waterless cookware to support your daily healthy eating habits. You may find plenty of competitive waterless cookware products in the market.

However, picking the best one for your kitchen may be a little challenging. Don’t worry! The article below may help you better to make a confident purchase decision.

Five Best Waterless Cookware Brands

Here we are going to review the five best products that are waterless from top brands in the market. Spare some time to go through the information so that you can buy cooking tools that fit your home as well as the best value for your money:

1. Maxam 9-Element Waterless Cookware Set

Maxam 9-Element Waterless Cookware

Maxam is one of the top-rated brands in the cookware industry. These professionals have designed a variety of cookware over the years with awesome features. This Maxam’s 9 Element Surgical Stainless Steel product with a 17-piece cookware set can be an amazingly beautiful addition to your kitchen.

This package comes with comprehensive cooking tools that include a roaster with cover, skillet with helper handle, saucepan with cover, double boiler, and egg rack. The manufacturers have designed the cookware with a steam-controlled system that gives the power to cook healthy meals every day.

Incredible Features

Cutting edge craftsmanship

The cookware is designed with corrosion-resistant surgical stainless steel that can withstand damage from corrosive acids from vegetables, fruits, meats, and milk as well. This 9-element cookware set is rated high for its impressive material and uses steam to cook healthy food without additional water or oil.

Conductive even heating

Maxam waterless cookware set is designed with a 5-ply base that ensures even heating with the fast distribution of heat on the surface. The temperature on this cookware is controlled using specially designed steam control valves. It assists in preparing mouth-watering recipes at low heat.

Stylish refinement

This cookware comes with mirror finished exterior and a satin-finished interior. These uniquely designed waterless cookware with steam-controlled design are resistant to the harsh effects of chemical-rich detergents. Moreover, the brand offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Maxam’s high-quality materials are designed to promote healthy eating habits and they make meal preparation pretty easier. You can buy this 17 piece cookware for your kitchen online to ensure fast delivery at your doorstep.

2. Chef’s Secret 28 Piece 12-Element Waterless Cookware

Chef’s Secret

If you are looking for an all-in-one waterless cookware package for your kitchen, this amazing product from Chef’s Secret can serve your needs better. This stainless steel cookware set includes pans, pots, steamer baskets, lids, and many more.

You will find this elegant product with mirror finish exterior and satin finish interior more useful for easy cooking and convenient cleaning. The stainless steel bowls included in this package can be utilized as double boilers as well as dome covers to achieve stove top roasting.

Incredible Features

Improved construction

The cookware is designed with a multi-ply finish and the tight lids have an advanced steam control valve. Furthermore, the stainless steel-based pan sent and steel pots are the best companion for waterless cooking needs.

Flavour rich food

Chef’s Secret cookware set is designed with an extremely durable finish. Manufacturers have preferred T304 stainless steel for designing this cookware. It helps to ensure enhanced corrosion resistance with a flavor-rich cooking option. Whether you like to cook meat or veggies, it can promise an outstanding experience.

Even heating

This cookware can help you enjoy well-cooked meals with a convenient meal preparation solution. The stainless steel finish for these pans and pots allows even and fast heat distribution without creating any dead or hot spots on the surface. Furthermore, it promises enhanced heat retention even when the cookware is taken out of the stove.

Chef’s Secret brand is known for creating functional and advanced kitchen tools with a remarkably beautiful finish. They enhance the cooking experience for beginners as well as experts while ensuring enhanced durability.

3. 360 Stainless Steel Cookware Set (6 Piece Set) Waterless Cookware

360 Store

360 cookware is one of the top-rated brands worldwide which is recognized by EPA as well. They are rated high for using no harsh chemicals in product design and ensuring a smoother finish with easy clean-up. In recent years, the brand has brought several kitchen and baking utensils with unique craftsmanship to the market.

Here we are going to talk about stainless steel cookware set from the 360 Cookware brand. This cookware is boiler and oven safe up to 500 degrees and they work perfectly well on lower temperatures.

Incredible Features

Quality and construction

This cookware is designed using surgical-grade stainless steel material. They have a multi-core finish that promises rapid and even distribution of heat on the entire surface. Furthermore, the high-quality stainless steel coating can help you enjoy an easy cooking experience without even worrying about food sticking on the surface.

Works with different stove types

You will be happy to know that the cookware is oven safe up to 500 degrees and the ergonomic handle ensures better control while cooking. It is possible to use on a variety of stovetops including glass top, smooth top, electric, gas, and induction cooktop.

Lifetime warranty

When you buy 360 cookware, manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty. These pans and pots can serve users for years without requiring more effort on maintenance. Once you invest in it, it can be used for several generations ahead.

This century-old brand can help you buy the most ergonomic and well-designed cookware for your home. They can help you cook healthy food at lower temperatures with maintaining healthy nutrients.

4. EBBC-Cooking 17pc Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware Set

EBBC-Cooking 17pc Waterless Cookware Set

Here comes another top-rated brand in the cookware industry that promises an outstanding experience for cooking. This stunning collection ensures the preparation of incredibly healthy meals that can enhance your overall health.

Those who are interested to eat steamed meals on regular basis can invest in 17pc stainless steel cookware set from EBBC-Cooking. You can cook meals in this cookware without adding extra oil and water.

Incredible Features

Cutting edge craftsmanship

This stainless steel cookware is designed with T304 surgical stainless steel material that promises enhanced corrosion resistance. It can prevent erosive acid release from milk, vegetables, fruits, and meats. This well-designed cookware can help you prepare healthy meals without oil.

Even heating

It is designed with an extra-thick, durable, impact-bonded bottom that assures even and fast heating without creating any hot or dead spot on the surface. Furthermore, the precise rims and pan covers ensure proper locking of steam inside to promise fast cooking.

Plenty of cooking tools

This cookware set includes a wide range of cooking tools that you may need in your kitchen. The package contains a skillet, egg rack, roaster with cover, saucepan with cover, and many more. All the cookware is designed with ergonomic handles to ease the cooking experience for both beginners and experts.

This cookware set has all outstanding features that are a must for the best cookware at home or restaurant premises. It can help you cook a variety of meals without putting additional effort into heat control. Moreover, oil-free cooking is a healthy solution for the entire family.

5. 360 Stainless Steel 12″ Saute Pan with Lid Stainless Steel Cookware

360 Store

360 Cookware brand is certified for its green manufacturing technology. These professionals are serving an extensive range of audiences in the United States and overseas as well. They follow proven manufacturing methods while using top-quality materials for cookware production.

Their waterless cookware sets have a smooth finish and easy to clean design that can save much of your routine time. This saute pan can be used with a variety of stovetops including electric, gas, smooth top, induction cooktop, and glass top as well.

Incredible Features

Quality and construction

This saute pan is designed with a multi-core finish that promises fast and even heating. The surgical grade stainless steel material leads to a healthy cooking experience with an eco-friendly alternative. This coated non-stick layer of these pan sets, aluminum pots, and frying pans can ensure quality cooking.

Natural flavor intact

360 Cookware manufacturers have used century-old technology to construct pans with lids. They create a perfect seal of vapors so that food can get cooked evenly from every angle. With this waterless cooking technology, it is possible to retain nutrients up to 90 percent in cooked food.

Limited lifetime warranty

When you buy this product, you can receive a limited lifetime warranty. Instead of buying new cookware after every 2-3 years, this brand can help you enjoy lifelong services with an efficiently and ergonomically designed saute pan. It is likely to last for several generations ahead.

This saute pan can help you cook some healthy dishes for the entire family while enjoying enhanced nutrient value. It can also maintain a natural flavor of food with an even heating process.

It is possible to buy any of these products online and ensure fast delivery at your doorstep. They can help you achieve your New Year’s resolution with ease.

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