The Best Warming Trays to Keep Your Food Hot in 2022

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Behold the warming tray, here to rescue you from wasting time worrying about reheating, overcooking, and burning food. Perfect for parties, banquets, buffets, and more.

Will this year’s Thanksgiving dinner be held at your house? Are you hosting or catering at a huge party? Do you hate reheating or burning your favorite meals?

Well, this is the answer you’ve been waiting for! The unique kitchen appliance here to cater to your food warming needs. Behold the warming tray!

Yes, we said it. It’s the miracle food warmer that’s here so you can have fun at parties, engage with your family, and not spend time in the kitchen for hours monitoring food. Warming trays do that now! It’s extremely convenient for your every food warming need.

At dinners, showers, and parties, guests who are filing in and out at different times really don’t want to savor cold food. A piping hot meal with all the flavors of the different portions intact, that’s more like it.

However, reheating food for lots of guests or customers is a challenge. You may find yourself having to work like Speedy Gonzales to reheat and issue tasty and presentable meals. This will no doubt leave you exhausted.

Warming trays are suitable and will keep various foods hot consistently over a few hours. Reheating ruins flavor and freshness, but with a warming tray, all components of your meals will remain delicious up to the point of consumption.

What is a Warming Tray?

If you’re not quite sure what a warming tray is, that’s fine. We were once in a relatable situation. A warming tray is a kitchen appliance used to keep cooked meals warm until it’s ready to be eaten.

It works by placing the tray on a flat surface and turning it on after which dishes of food are placed on the smooth heated surface. These were mostly used by caterers and hosts but are now occupying the counters of many households.

How Does a Warming Tray Keep Food Warm?

Warming trays keep food warm using heat sources and can either be electrically or non-electrically operated.

Electric warming trays are manufactured with a plug and others have a detachable cord that can be used to charge the tray. These are quite efficient for outdoor settings like park picnics, where access to an electric socket is limited. They will keep food warm throughout the period while you have fun.

Non-electric warming trays like chafing dishes use chafing fuel as a heat source to warm food. The holder containing chafing fuel is placed below a pan with water which it heats.

On top of the pan of water is a tray with food that is heated from the steaming water. This keeps food warm for long hours at events, especially buffets.

How Long Can Food Stay in a Warming Tray?

For food to remain healthy and warm it is advised to set your warming tray at a minimum of 140˚ Fahrenheit for a maximum of 6-8 hours. Exceeding the time and temperature stated can result in meals becoming less fresh, loss of moisture, and even foodborne diseases.

If foods placed on a food warmer require a much lower temperature than 140˚F, do not leave it out for more than 1 hour.

What are the Best Warming Trays?

Warming trays were made to do what they are called and that is to warm plates or trays of food. Choosing the right one may be difficult which is why we’re here to provide the ten best warming trays available online.

1. Chefman Electric Warming Tray

The Chefman Electric Warming Tray is a superb kitchen appliance that has proven to be both captivating and efficient. It has a 21” x 16” smooth nonstick black glass surface that will hold many dishes and plates to heat food. Not to mention how stylishly modern it’ll look on your kitchen counter or table and it’s very easily cleaned.

The adjustable temperature settings allow you to regulate the heat for your many dishes. Also, the fuse safety feature is something to be quite excited about. Seeing as you’ll have multiple dishes on the warming tray for many hours, the fuse safety button prevents the tray from overheating.

A warming tray overheating and fuming with food on it would be quite a bummer. No need to worry about that happening with the Chefman Electric Warming Tray. So, feel free to move in and out of the kitchen without having to monitor the temperature ever so often. It also uses up to 120 volts.

This warming tray is easily transferred from one location to another with its aluminum cool-touch handles. From the kitchen to the table and vice versa it’s very portable. Not sure what type of container can be used on it? Well, casserole dishes, pots, and pans that are good conductors of heat are acceptable.

Keeping guests and regular patrons happy by serving hot food is important, but what’s even more important is to not exceed the use of 72 hours straight. Using the tray consistently for up to 6 hours is quite good, but ensure to monitor the number of hours you have been using it to prevent overheating.

Why it’s worth buying?

  • Portable: Yes
  • Electric or Non-electric: Electric
  • Safety: Fuse Knob, aluminum cool handles
  • Size & Convenience: Fits small counter pace
  • Usage: 6 hours of heating food consistently
  • Easily cleaned

2. Oster Buffet Server Warming Tray

Are you on a budget? The Oster Buffet server is another great buy with a 20” x 13” inch stainless-steel heating surface. It is compact with three 2.5-quart removable trays so you can use the stainless-steel base for dishes, and plates. Although using the trays for steamed veggies and other meals makes it quite efficient for many guests to decide and self-serve food.

The dome covers trap heat and moisture so when opening them you and visitors will be smitten by the memorizing aroma of your food. Sounds amazing!

The heat control feature will save you from burning or overheating by adjusting the temperature from high to low with ease. No more wearing large mittens and struggling to bring hot food to the table. Transferring this warming tray from the kitchen is easy with the cool touch handles.

The Oster Buffet Server may take up a bit of space, but take comfort in knowing this is a long-lasting kitchen appliance. It’ll be there for years to carry out your food warming duties for catering, in the household, and more.

Get this efficient food warming tray and the next time you host a party, start it up and watch it work its magic consistently.

Why it’s worth buying?

  • Portable: Yes
  • Electric or Non-electric: Electric
  • Safety: Power indicator light, smooth touch handles, temperature control buttons
  • Size and Convenience: Fits table tops,
  • Usage: 6 t0 8 hours at parties and large household gatherings.
  • Easily Cleaned

3. Salton Cordless Warming Tray

If you’re a fan of cordless warming trays, this one is sure to catch your attention. Salton has created this 3-plate cordless electric warming tray weighing 10.2 pounds and measuring 28.4 x 11.6 x 4.4 inches. This will cater to your food warming needs in a jiffy for movie night, date night, and parties.

Simply plug in your warming tray for eight minutes then unplug and boom, you have a full hour supply of heat. You can use this on a little table or countertop to keep your burgers, pizzas, dips, and snacks warm until eaten.

The Salton Cordless Warming Tray is safe with a detachable cord so it doesn’t limit your movement. The stay-cool handles are great so heat doesn’t burn your hands. Being in the moment during a movie or date you may forget that you left food on the tray.

No need to worry, Salton had it covered with the automatic temperature control there to prevent overheating. After a day or night of being a fun host, it’s time to clean up. The stainless-steel surface makes it easy to clean so your hot plate will be ready again for use in no time.

Do all these features strike an urge for you to purchase it? Well, these are reasonably priced and will last for quite a few years with care.

Why it’s worth buying?

  • Portable: Yes
  • Electric or Non-electric: Electric
  • Safety: Cool touch handles, indicator light, automatic temperature control.
  • Size and Convenience: 28.4 x 11.6 x 4.4 inches fits tabletops.
  • Usage: 1-hour heat supply after an 8-minute charge for picnics, date nights, and movie nights.
  • Easily Cleaned

4. NutriChef Electric Warming Tray

After spending quality time preparing a gourmet meal the last thing you want to do is rearrange the food to reheat it. Then spend a few more minutes to make it presentable again. Get the NutriChef Warming Tray, it’ll sort you out.

The NutriChef Electric Warming tray weighs 5.78 pounds and measures 22.4” x 6.7” inches. Simply press the power button and watch as the indicator light comes on. Preheat the warming tray for a minimum of 5 minutes before placing dishes, plates, and pans on top.

There’s no need to repeatedly reheat meals for many guests. This hot plate supplies heat at 203˚F consistently and evenly throughout each dish. The black glass top is nonstick and quite easy to clean.

So, the next time you’re hosting a Sunday brunch at your house and invite several friends, this warming tray will help a lot. Moving the food table from inside to your open backyard just got easier! This warming tray is portable with cool-touch handles for easy transfer of food from one location to another. It’s an impressive kitchen appliance used at buffets, banquets, and parties.

This warming tray is especially useful if you are trying to be or remain good at energy saving. It consumes a low power of 130 watts and is highly efficient at reheating food consistently. So, for an affordable deal try using this warming tray guaranteed to keep your food warm until ready to be eaten.

Why it’s worth buying?

  • Portable: Yes
  • Electric or Non-electric: Electric
  • Safety: Smooth touch handles.
  • Size and Convenience: 22.4” x 6.7” inch top.
  • Usage: Uses 130 watts. Used at parties, buffets, and restaurants.

5. Betty Crocker Buffet Server

Betty Crocker

If you’re looking for a rather simple yet effective warming tray the 2.5-quart Betty Crocker Buffet Server will get all your food warming needs complete in no time. It weighs 10.95 pounds and measures 11 x 6.29 x 8.64 inches. The two smooth silver stainless-steel trays are assembled neatly inside to fit two separate meals.

Warm all your solid and liquid foods in this tray such as soups, rice, and meats for up to 3 hours. The trays are also removable for you to use the warming base for various serving platters.

Concerned about the heat adjustments? Well, Betty Crocker has carefully structured the temperature control settings allowing you to simply place your meals in the trays, or on the base without the need to monitor them 24/7.

Betty Croker made this just for you so it’s easily transferred from one area to another. It’s a great choice if you’re on a budget and with proper care will last for a few years.

Why it’s worth buying?

  • Portable: Yes
  • Electric or Non-electric: Electric
  • Safety: Smooth touch handles
  • Size and Convenience: 10.5 pounds and 11 x 6.29 x 8.64 inches.
  • Usage: Up to 3 hours of consistent heat, fits on tables and counters.
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Affordable

6. Broil King Professional Warming Tray

Does it feel like something is missing from your kitchen? Something to warm food regularly without having to worry about dryness and loss of freshness. Could it be the Broil King Professional Warming Tray? Let’s find out.

Broil King has created this extra-large 300-watt multicolored warming tray with a weight of 12 pounds and 15.2 x 32.5 x 2.9 inches. It’s one of the best warming trays guaranteed to keep food piping hot no matter the time of day.

The adjustable thermostat can be positioned between 155˚ F to 205˚ F. The stainless-steel surface is suitable for good heat containers and plates. It will hold all your favorite pre-cooked meals keeping them hot, fresh, and moist. Think about it. All your food looks, smells, and tastes as fresh as the moment you finished cooking them many hours later.

No more burning your fingers or trying to hastily move the warming tray from the kitchen to the table. Broil King has your best interest at heart in regards to safety with the neat outline of the cool touch handles. The four non-skid feet prevent the tray from slipping in case there are any spills.

It also limits heat damage to countertops and tables, not to mention the safety signal light. The light will signal when the warming tray is turned on or off.

Customers and guests are bound to be impressed with this kitchen appliance. It radiates heat evenly throughout food for lengthy periods. So, consider using this tray for dinners, buffets, and celebrations.

Why it’s worth buying?

  • Portable: Yes
  • Electric or Non-electric: Electric
  • Safety: Cool touch handles, safety light signal, non-skid legs
  • Size and Convenience: sizes available are standard, large, and extra-large. Weighs 12 pounds, 15.2 x 32.5 x 2.9 inches.
  • Usage: Fit for buffet tables
  • Easily cleaned

7. Brentwood Buffet Warming Tray

Do you want value for your money? The Brentwood Buffet Warming Tray uses 180 watts to heat its three 4.5-Quart trays. It is made durable with stainless-steel material to prevent damage and rust. The trays are removable so you can use the base for other pans and dishes.

Some customers often have a hard time deciding what they’d like to eat. The three dome lids are heat-resistant and transparent so customers, guests, and staff can see all the appetizing food options available.

The heat control feature enables you to adjust from high to low depending on the type of food being warmed. For your safety, the power indicator light lets you know when the food warmer is on or off. It is very lightweight and can be taken anywhere effortlessly.

Purchasing the Brentwood Buffet warming tray will solve all your food warming needs consistently for up to 6 hours.

Why it’s worth buying?

  • Portable: Yes
  • Electric or Non-electric: Electric
  • Safety: Heat resistant covers, smooth touch handles, power light signal
  • Size and Convenience: 6” x 7” inches, 6. 4 pounds
  • Usage: 6 hours, Use on holiday trips, birthday parties, events, and more.

8. Bleu Jamais Electric Food Warmer Plate

With a 4.7-star rating across online stores, the Bleu Jamais Electric Hot Plate is one of the best warming trays to have. Its large 18.1” x 9.8” inch surface is constructed with tempered glass and able to hold various cookware without breaking or leaving scratch marks. If you like a hot plate where spills can easily be removed this is the one for you.

The temperature controls allow you to select between 100˚ F to 250˚ F. For foods you are unaware of the temperature requirements, the present mode automatically provides a soothingly warm heat. If you do feel the need to crank up the steam, feel free to adjust.

The aluminum body and handles keep the tray cool to prevent you from burning yourself by accidentally touching it. It can be kept on buffets and dinner tables for easy use. This is an excellent instrument to have at parties so all guests, visitors, and even the hosts can enjoy the soothing tastes of warm meals.

Why it’s worth buying?

  • Portable: Yes
  • Electric or Non-electric: Electric with a 5 feet electric cord.
  • Size and Convenience: 18.1” x 9.8” inches
  • Usage: Can be used at parties, buffets, and in the household.

9. Alpha Living 70014 Gray Chafer Set

If you are operating in the catering industry this is one of the best food warming trays for your business. Tasty food prepared and kept warm until serving time means happy customers. Happy clients mean you’ll have a booming business with excellent referrals. The Alpha Living Chafer Set has proven to be the best at keeping meals hot, retaining moisture and freshness even after 4 hours.

The Alpha Living chafer set consists of four 8-quart chafing dishes each with its own foldable frame and two fuel holders. The glistening chafer lids trap heat to maintain a consistent temperature throughout all areas of the different foods. On each side of the chafer is a sturdy handle to facilitate easy movement from your business to your client’s event.

After catering at a large event, it’s time to clean up. The stainless-steel material makes the chafing dishes quite easy to clean and maintain. It is also rust-resistant and a kitchen appliance you’ll have for many years.

Why it’s worth buying?

  • Portable: Yes
  • Electric or Non-electric: non-electric
  • Safety: Chafer Handles
  • Size and Convenience: 8-quart chafing dish.
  • Usage: Use from 2 to 6 hours at large events.
  • Easily cleaned

10. Denmark Rectangular Roll Top Chafing Dish

Denmark Tools for Cooks

Do you prefer extra-large food warmers? If yes, the 9.5-quart Denmark Roll Top Chafing Dish is quite impressive with its shatter-resistant glass lid. It facilitates easy opening and closing to monitor your food for both staff and guests.

This chafing dish comes in especially handy at large events like barbeques where guests arrive at different times so food needs to remain hot. Food remains heated for up to six hours and heat is adjustable to 350˚ F depending on the type of food being heated. There is also a drip tray to catch any spills that may happen while serving food to keep the food area clean and presentable.

Why it’s worth buying?

  • Portable: Yes
  • Electric or Non-electric: non-electric
  • Safety: Chafer Handles
  • Size and Convenience: 9.5-quart roll top chafing dish.
  • Usage: Use up to 6 hours at buffets and catering.
  • Easily cleaned


All the best warming trays are listed above and each carries out its duties effectively. Choosing the one that suits you best may be challenging but you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Are you purchasing a warming tray for your catering business?
  • Do you prefer a warming tray that is portable?
  • Would you rather use an electric or non-electric warming tray?
  • What size is best and where will the warming tray be located?

There are other questions you might ask yourself when looking to buy the best and most affordable tray for your food warming needs. The key is to know where, when and how often you will need to use it.

Happy shopping!

I am one of the contributors of this site, completed my bachelor of arts from NYU. I love my passion for anything art, culinary, and of course traveling and the different cuisines.

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