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Our main objective is to share complete analysis information on the highest quality of kitchen – dining equipment and supplies.

PureAidHub is a unique source with authentic information based on extensive research for kitchen enthusiasts.

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We always provide authentic information to our readers on a variety of topics, including buying guides on kitchen appliances, cookware, bakeware, storage, organizer, and many more on kitchen – dining.

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We aim to organize this site with pure information so you do not have to rely on brands that are advertising falsehoods. We spend a lot of time in our home kitchen and do research to help people upgrade their kitchen and dining.

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There are many people who help make PureAidHub.com great even in one single post, but we’ll feature the lead author in every blog post. Our combined knowledge of kitchen and dining makes you richer in information to evaluate which products are best for you.

Maria Calderon – Owner, Contributor

I am one of the contributors of this site, completed my bachelor of arts from NYU. I love my passion for anything art, culinary, and of course traveling and the different cuisines. I emigrated here as a young child from Costa Rica and I learned English as my second language. New York is very different from San Jose. Although I quickly learned to adapt to the fast-paced life.

Saif – Editor, Content Strategist

HMIBNA Saif is a pure cooking enthusiast and content strategist who does his best to keep things on track on the blog. Along with biking, he enjoys exploring food and roaming. He spends most of his time editing and researching to get things done accurately.

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